Evidence-Based Practice

With the growing need for more effective and efficient healthcare, developing your organization using evidence-based practice is today’s standard of care.  Simply put, healthcare organizations are improving patient outcomes by combining evidence-based practice with clinical expertise, quality improvement measures, expert opinion and the patient’s individual situation to evaluate the best way to care for that patient.

Lippincott Solutions makes evidence actionable for your clinical staff by taking all these evidence-based sources and synthesizing them into concise entries that clinicians use while directly caring for the patient.

Lippincott Solutions Connects Evidence-Based Practice with your clinicians' workflow by:

  • Delivering concise entries of evidence-based practice information directly to the clinician,
  • Providing advanced technology functions that allow clinicians to find evidence-based answers immediately,
  • Linking specific evidence-based entries to patient data directly embedded within the electronic medical record,
  • Incorporating system-wide review and updates of the latest evidence-based practices into the solution suite, and 
  • Supplying references ranked with Melnyk’s Rating System for the Hierarchy of Evidence.

We use the latest evidence and hundreds of subject matter experts to synthesize the information for use at point-of-care or within professional development.   Topics include procedures & skills, diseases & conditions, diagnostic tests, signs & symptoms, treatments, drugs, patient education, care plans, case studies & tutorials, guidelines, and more.

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