Nurse Competence

A competent nurse displays strong capabilities, skills, and professionalism, and performs all necessary tasks without error.

Lippincott Solutions Increases Nurse Competence by:

  • Supporting nurses with easy access to the most current evidence-based procedures, skills, reference information, and ongoing learning opportunities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Providing training on new skills and refreshing your staff’s knowledge of skills learned in nursing school
  • Encouraging professional development through online continuing education courses, self-assessments, and competency tests
  • Translating evidence-based practices into information and detailed instructions that nurses easily understand
  • Promoting the delivery of patient care that meets your facility’s standards
  • Making learning and assessment a routine part of care


Competency validation for nursing procedures and professional development training for clinical and compliance needs can easily be integrated with any Learning Management System (LMS) vendor who is AICC compliant and is willing to perform the integration. 

For example, ​the Competency Development courses in Lippincott Procedures is easily accessible through any AICC compliant Learning Management System provider and is currently working with multiple LMS vendors such as the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC), HealthcareSource NetLearning, Sum Total, etc. In addition, the Lippincott Procedures skills checklists are also AICC compliant and can work with any LMS vendor willing to integrate, such as we do today with HealthcareSource NetLearning. 

Lippincott Solutions' unparalleled clinical decision support software, combined with industry-leading competency development resources enables improved patient outcomes when used together in your Talent Management processes and Point-of-Care patient workflow.