Standardized Care

Research studies indicate that consistent use of evidence-based practices improves patient outcomes and patient safety. It is also important for nurses to routinely apply the same treatment plans and practices to patients with the same diagnosis, when possible.

That’s why it’s vital for your nursing staff to have a simple, dynamic, and intuitive web-based procedure resource available at all times.

Lippincott Solutions Guarantees Your Entire Staff Is Using One Trusted Go-To Reference Resource by:

  • Providing all nurses with easy access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the same evidence-based procedures, skills, and reference information rather than relying on potentially outdated and cumbersome policy and procedure paperbound manuals and text books
  • Keeping nursing practice current and relevant with routine system-wide electronic updates
  • Translating evidence-based practices into information nurses can easily understand and implement
  • Sharing critical information with your staff about your own facility’s policies and procedures through the "Critical Notes" feature
  • Making evaluation, assessment of competency and professional development a routine part of care