CommunityThere are many ways to join our community of customers to discuss, share, question, and respond.

For people who have been assigned administrative rights to one or more of our products, you have access to a secure Lippincott Solutions community site. Here you can ask a question, share an idea, or give praise and feedback. You can search through our knowledge base to find answers or ask our development and clinical teams questions directly. To access the site, simply use your administrator access to log on to one of our products, then go to the “Admin” section of the product, then click on “Community.”

For our end-users, we’d love to hear from you. You can connect through one of our many social outlets or provide feedback to us directly through the feedback form or via the form found on any page of this site.

For example, on Facebook, we have our daily humor posts, our weekly Trivia, our “You Know You’re a Nurse…” cartoons, and much, much more for you to enjoy and interact.