Job Titles

Clinical Educator

Optimize Learning. Standardize Care.

Lippincott Solutions is designed to optimize and standardize the way your organizational best practices and standards of care are taught, learned, and managed. Our comprehensive web-based suite of evidence-based, point-of-care resources and multimedia learning tools gives you the ability to deliver quality educational experiences that prepare nursing staff for a diverse, ever-changing health care environment. Lippincott Solutions guides nurses through the learning process and provides them with a system for monitoring outcomes.

What Lippincott Solutions Can Do for You:

  • Standardizes the way best practices and standards of care are taught, learned, and managed
  • Enhances learning with intuitive user-friendly technology
  • Enriches staff confidence and maintains and/or improves competency
  • Reduces staffing problems with online flexibility and convenience
  • Maintains compliance with current national guidelines and alignment with Joint Commission standards and components from The Magnet Recognition Program®
  • Provides premium continuing education content