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Director of Education

Stay Current. Stay Together

Keep your staff current, accurate and reliable with Lippincott Solutions. With a comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of software applications designed to support every member of your staff’s competency and skill development, our product is designed by clinicians to ensure the most reliable, up-to-date standards and procedures. Lippincott Solutions provides an easy-to-access single source solution for all your institutional education needs, while maintaining flexible pricing options to accommodate any budget. You'll save considerable time and resources on course development and research, while knowing your entire staff is receiving the same, accurate, evidence-based information from a single location.

What Lippincott Solutions Can Do For You:

  • Keeping education staff focused on the highest priorities, while helping them improve clinical competency across the board
  • Bringing more evidence-based practice and care standardization into your organization
  • Saving your staff time and money on unnecessary research and undesirable patient outcomes
  • Easy-to-use software suite designed for flexible purchasing options
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems
  • Linking within EMR