Lippincott Advisor

The Right Answers. Right Now.

Whether your nurses have simple or complex care-related questions, Lippincott Advisor gives your staff fast and easy access to answers from a source they can trust, whenever they need them, wherever they are.

As the leading resource for evidence-based decision support at the point of care, Lippincott Advisor is an expanding collection of more than 16,000 evidence-based entries and patient teaching handouts that cover:

  • Diseases
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Treatments
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Hospital-acquired conditions
  • Patient teaching handouts
  • Cultural Perspectives 
  • Drug information
  • Nursing care plans
  • Images
  • Guidelines
  • References
  • Core Measures
  • Sentinel Events 

What Lippincott Advisor Can Do for You

  • Eliminate wasted time spent on unreliable Internet searches
  • Empower your point-of-care clinicians with the knowledge and confidence to make clinical decisions and facilitate delivery of care in both familiar and unfamiliar settings or situations
  • Maintain compliance with current national guidelines including those from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, and alignment with Joint Commission standards and components of the Magnet Recognition Program®
  • Promote a consistent standard of care
  • Reduce the opportunity for error

Key Features

  • Clinical online reference tool available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Content is continually updated by clinical nurses to reflect the most current evidence and practice standards
  • Powerful search capability by keyword or category 
  • Links to sources such as PubMed, OVID, and your organization's library for further reading and research
  • Customizable by adding notes on your organization's protocols, treatments, and other important information 
  • Integrated search between Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures (for subscribers of both products) allowing users to view a procedure and quickly jump to the related patient teaching handout, disease, or drug.  
  • New! Lippincott Advisor now includes tests and assignment capabilities, so users can easily assess, track and validate clinical competency at the bedside.

Discover how Lippincott Advisor gives your nurses and clinicians a point-of-care virtual library at their fingertips to help them better manage their workload, facilitate delivery of care, and make care decisions that consider evidence and current practice.