Lippincott Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions - Mobile App

What does the app cost?

This app is included as part of the Lippincott Advisor subscription price so there is no additional cost for the app. Current customers will be able to access the app from the time it is released.

What formats are available?

The app is available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as for iPhones and iPads.

What content is included in the app?

The app includes the same content that is included in each customer’s subscription with the exception of the Lexicomp and UpToDate Patient Teaching Handouts, the MedFacts Patient Teaching Handouts, and the National Guidelines.  These content sets are not included in the app, currently, but plan to include these content sets in future releases. No date will be provided to you at this time.

Will the app work offline?

Yes, the app will work offline, except for one item. In the References section of the entries, the user will not be able to access the referenced article via Ovid or PubMed without Wi-Fi access.

How does my staff obtain the app?

Each staff member should follow these steps:

  1. Have your facility Username and Password available. Note that the username and password are case sensitive. (The facility provides each user with a username and password.)
  2. Go to the Google Play store or Apple’s App store.
  3. Locate the Lippincott Advisor app in the store. You can search for the app.
  4. Download the app.
  5. Choose “Accept” or “Install.” (Term is dependent on the store – Google Play or App Store
  6. Choose the Institution version of the app.
  7. Login using the facility provided username and password.
  8. Tap the “Enter” or “Accept” button (Again term is dependent on the store)
  9. When prompted to download content, click the download button.
  10. App will open to the landing page.