Long Term Care

American Association For Long Term Care NursingLippincott Solutions is providing a new category of evidence-based, best practice nursing procedures specifically designed for the Long Term Care market in its premier product Lippincott Procedures.

Lippincott has partnered with the industry leading American Association of Directors in Nursing Services (AADNS) to review these procedures. The category targets provider health systems with LTC departments, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, community care programs and other long-term sub-acute care communities.

With this partnership, we will bring additional focus and attention to the specialty of long-term care nursing, foster evidence-based practice information specific to long-term care, and enable provider organizations to standardize long term care throughout the organization.
NurseThe wide range of age-relevant content includes topics such as fall management, pressure ulcer prevention, gastrostomy tube drug instillation, pain assessment, and care of patients with dementia, delirium, or delusions.
Lippincott Procedures gives nurses and clinical educators online access to best practice procedures both at the point-of-care and as a competency & training tool. By providing company-wide access and training, your organization can standardize patient and resident care, improve nurse competence, save time, promote regulatory compliance, and raise the standard of care. And with yearly review and updates, the product provides superior information that is imbedded into the quick lists, images, videos, tests, and check lists found in the product. Click here to review a general overview of Lippincott Procedures.

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