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Lippincott Procedures Mobile Device Apps

All your users may gain immediate anytime/anywhere access to your Lippincott Procedures site via their mobile tablet or phone devices.

Using the Lippincott Procedures apps are a great way to have continued, immediate access to your procedures both on-line and offline.  This makes it a great option for anyone working away from regular internet connections (such as home /community health nurses) or as a disaster recovery option (should your Internet ever go down).

*This app is free for all users associated with a subscribing Lippincott Procedures institutional account.

  • They must have at least a general username and password assigned to them in order to access the app, or be able to access the product from within your facility’s IP range at least once a month.
  • Username and passwords are required to access the testing and checklist evaluation functions available in the app.
  • Your hospital’s Lippincott Procedures site administrators can easily add general users via the User tab in the administrative section. Single user and import options are available.
Procedures App - Phone
Procedures App - Tablet

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